Advertise YOUR Site OR Youtube Channel!

Comment your site or utube channel and hopefully,people will sub ur blog and channel or/and visit it!=]But,u’ve gotta make an account on wordpress first if not to comment!

100 Responses to Advertise YOUR Site OR Youtube Channel!

  1. fantagelover614 says:

    fantagelover614 :))

  2. ceb123 says:

    Plz come and chec it out! Plz also comment!!!!!

  3. connie12322 says:

    Thanks for visiting! By the way, please visit it a lot!! If you people do, I’ll post more on my blog! Thanks everyone who visits and sees this post! Comment me if you read this post and don’t forget to surscribe!

  4. Jack Davis says:

    Thank you.

  5. Marina says:


  6. kitty says:

    first time coming to this website so i’m going to try to figure it out…..


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  8. Sylvia (not telling my last name xD) says:


    Please sub?? xD

  9. OuterShado says:

    Halo Reach Machinima, our best work is going to be released soon! Check it out!

    If you subscribe, add as a friend, or both, i will do the same, not for sub 4 sub, but moral respect. 🙂

  10. ceb123 says:

    PLz visit often and post commets!!!!!
    If u need to email me my email is!!!! THX!!!
    My wordpress is
    So yeah thx and bye!!!

  11. Please to to this website!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. smallpengi12 says:

    I have a Club Penguin blog, so if anyone plays Club Penguin please check it out!

    Btw, the best way to get users is to use correct grammar in your posts.

    Here’s one of your posts:

    Saturday, July 2 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm
    Tangerine Koala,Beach
    Reason:FUN! FUN! FUN! And…FUNN!
    Dis Partay is for fun… I hope yhu can make it. 2 PM – 4 PM(Maybeh)
    I’ll haf dis fashion sho and there’ll be prizes like recolors and stuff. Also it’s kinda an adding parteh! It’ll be uploaded to utube and maii blog( and another blog( tht came…dere’ll be a group photo afta!
    Must wear summer clothing

    Here’s that post with correct grammar:

    Time: Saturday, July 2nd 2:00pm- 4:00pm.
    Location: Tangerine Koala, at the beach.
    Reason: Fun! Fun! And.. FUN!
    This party is for fun. I hope you can make it.
    I’ll have this fashion show, and there’ll be prizes, like recolours and stuff. Also, it’s kinda a friend adding party. It’ll be uploaded to YouTube and my blog. ( and another blog ( Everyone that goes there will be in a group photo afterwards.
    REQUIREMENT: Everyone must wear summer clothing!

    See the difference? It’s well laid out, uses less space and is easy to understand. Remember, some readers, may have difficulties reading it, and it’s best to make your posts easy for everyone to understand!


  13. shawn says:

    Please sub to me as my other youtube channel got banned and now i need help getting it active again!

  14. Kgh99 says:

    I’m having a party!
    A video on the invite is on my channel. *The Link*

  15. servalgab says:

    How do you make a website can anyone tell me??
    My youtube channel is:

  16. Candice says:

    Raising Baby Savannah, our life as new parents…

  17. anna14761476 says:

    oh yeah and my youtube channel is anna14761476

    become a member to become my featured member of the week 🙂

  19. Ada Dietert says:

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  20. keke says:

    hey this a site i just made so its still quite new

  21. Kam Ferroni says:

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  23. Cindy says:

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  24. becin says:

    i know sorry but thats the real link

  25. becin says:

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  26. maddycorban says:

    i have a ? how do u upload videos on utube wait dont answer wait answer i have no idea can u make a vid and then post the adress so i can whach

  27. azngirlx3 says:

    mine is


  29. Olivia says:

    Is that Blueybubbles2 person still mean to you?

  30. Amy says:

    Nice blog i see!

  31. mashafantage says: -fantage blog
    expo101202 -youtube channel =) PLZPLZPLZPZLPLZ COME 2 MAI BLOG!! WE HAV COOKIES!!!

  32. Penkii says:

    Heyy please tell me how to make a website with wordpress???
    What is wordpress anyways please tell me,
    Mai user ish penkii
    ;D Im a HUGE follower of chu ur soo awesome xP

  33. Penkii says:

    omg omg can you PLEASE help me with my website??? PLEASE!
    lol please go there thanks

  34. eli123qwe says: (i hv little-known Fantage cheats)
    ~* Eli *~


    Cheats, glitches, tips and guides. All in one blog. =)

  36. hanna6809 says:
    I’m now Hanna6809, go to my blog.

    Subscribe or i will stop this blog, and it’s getting pretty good…
    Vote on the poll too. If I don’t see much changing, I will close this good blog.
    It is worth 100.00 you know…

  37. I know its hard being a nonmember, SO I MADE A SITE SPECIALLY FOR U!!


  39. Sydney says:

    suscribe and watch my channel and shareee! and ill suscribe back thanks :d

    I’m so sorry for the second one, I think my sister did that.
    Go to this blog and make SURE to bookmark it! 😉

  41. Nina414andNathalie3008 says:

    YouTube channel username :FantageClipsStudio


  42. sacsofmoney says:

    Visit my site

    If you like, comment and sub I will do the same for you too, out of respect.

  43. Okay my youtube is:
    My website is:
    Also my fantage is c0tton_candy >:DD <- I love that face OwO

    ~Cathy a.k.a fantage creative!

  44. Joe Meador says:
    Yo Man we be sponsored by machinima check us out for a shout out!

  45. !?!??1/1? says:

    Hey Everyone!!! Please go to or Google welcome to fantage bean

  46. sammiihammii says:

    Haii ppl!! x3 Plzz go 2 and follow it via email!!! Thx!! >w<

  47. Amyumi says:

    by da way tht my acc name 4got 2 change it -.- but doesnt rly matter

  48. Amyumi says:

    also plz go 2 maii utube and sub!!! i no i havent uploaded yet but im gonna very soon – 85% chance!! xD here it is: dont ask about the name i changed it but idk wat happened… o.O thx!

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  52. MagicSun says:

    Haii my youtube name ish xXxLoveSetsunaxXx
    My blog is about my drama series, Nerdy Romance! 😀
    Please visit if you love nerds ❤


  53. spider748 says:

    My Youtube is spider748andrhiannon

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