Fantage Cheats and Glitches!

Mai old utube acc got deleted for no reason and I haf a new utube and I mite update dis page one day but for now here’s de link so yhu can browse thru mai vids! Link:

292 Responses to Fantage Cheats and Glitches!

  1. OK heres a glitch on how to fly!Watch this video by me!Link:

  2. lillypop9838 says:

    thx for telling me those things i even learned howto fly thx

  3. cluster123 says:

    thnx that really helps if u find me im always on ruby rhino or scarlet starfish if u wanna add me 😀

  4. katt412 says:

    thx for the help by the way if you want another cheat to wawa games just copy and paste 3000 ecoins on to your account. I DID IT

  5. i need to ask did you ever get banned for nothing? cuz i did i spelled shrit wrong

  6. orianthi says:

    um these dont work

  7. orianthi says:

    do u hav a transfer cheat where u can transfe stuff to another accout by hacking

  8. orianthi says:

    i dooo want it its lol im not tellin anyone oinly i knlw caause i discovered it

  9. fantasticdiva says:

    What to do? I only want ONE premium hair, and i have tried everything!

  10. anna56797 says:

    add me

  11. once with the bann thing i speled top rong wich is the other way to speel top and another time i was mad 😮

  12. MiMi_Oreos says:

    Christina, can you please make a new youtube account and make all the videos again? 🙂

  13. Yara says:

    wowwww ur awesome how did u know these thingz wowwwwww ur the best person in life ur sooo goood nice BUT I STILL DIDNT GET ECONS FREEE 😦 😥 IM SAAD! BUT THNX FOR THE OTHER THIONGZZ =D

  14. I also think hence , perfectly composed post! .

  15. charmi says:

    hi guys im 1roshni80 so add me and say hey 1roshni80 i saw you comment so add me k and i will

  16. Fallen_Sozyar says:

    Hey, Do you Know a cheat how to become a free member and 999,99 Ecoins?

    Cuz I do!
    My Account Name is Fallen_sozyar.

  17. Ericka_mae88 says:

    I want a mem account plz give me 2 or 1 only plz??

      • Miichloe says:

        Ive been wanting a member account for like 4 years of playing fantage and can u please please please help me get one?
        Some people make fun of me for being a non!

      • Miichloe says:

        Can you please please help me get a free member acount for fantage?
        Iv’e been wanting to be a member for like a year! Some members make fun of meh because im a non. My parents dont want to spend money just for a virtual world. They think it isnt worth the money.
        Please please please help! I saw a video on how to get one by clicking on the sun but i guess they took out the sun because too many players were getting free memberships.

  18. Bailey says:

    I just met Christina at the wizards domain! Thanks you really made my day 😀


  19. Bailey says:

    I need help because i dont understand why it does this. So, i’m playing bubble bug and i get a score of 22100 and it gives me a blue gem??? Please answer, I dont understand lolz xD

  20. Princesitha25 says:

    Hey, Christina I Wanna know wat happen if u r a mem and u stop being mem and u decide to be a mem again???? Would u be at the same level that u was when u were mem???? Plz tell me. Oohh and plz add me u will make my day the best, in wat server ur usually in???

  21. JennyyN says:

    Can I see you on Fantage?
    I want to see a celebrity 🙂

  22. Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

  23. fantagerox says:

    i realy want a mem account i am soooo sad 😦

  24. Kassidy says:

    I really like your background on this website its really pretty!
    And thanks all the things helped!! 😀

  25. vatti2 says:

    LOL Good luk! Anyways, I was gonna do tht 2! I kno some!
    1. go to sun block
    2. go in the ”second DNA pod” and close the ”first” the sky
    4. ur flying!!!
    1.go to pet town
    2. go in pet shop
    3. while its loading,press down so ur in with the pets down left ( 4 a long time ) up ( 4 a long time ) on top of the control panel on the shelf
    8.ur flying!
    1.go to the beach
    2. go beside the surfboards wer splash is
    3. press left
    4. ur a lifeguard!
    1. go to the beach
    2. keep on clicking the boost with the shark ( it might take a wile )
    3. ur in the boost with the shark!

    PS. how do u make a face?

    PPS. ive seen cupcakequeen before! The fantage celebrity!

  26. free ipad 2 says:

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  27. Im desperate xDD says:

    I have been wondering what is the gem combo for the dog hat? Its the one that has the strings go down from the sides… LMAO I dont know how to describe it xDD please reply 😛

  28. Ella says:

    got any epic gem combos for non members?? 😀

  29. Grregorey says:

    Do u know a glitch for free ecoins im a premium membrer!! Smiles_4_you369 plz add reply and add me anytime just catch me on facebook and just hit me up

  30. safire says:

    i no how to fly on fantage its easy and fun

  31. safire says:

    ok to fly is go into the creature arena then walk out then go to where u want to fly then when you get there go to your inventory press tap intill u see little yellow box’s the click enter the x out then u will not be able to see your self the click the sky r the roof r where ever u r the you will be able to fly next time i will tell u how to go in the window in the cafe

  32. back135 says:

    hey its me im going to tell u how to get in the cafe window first if u no how to fly do the step of flying then go in the cafe and when u cant see your self click the window and you will see your self no if u dont no how to fly red the other one i did bye safire thats me then thats it bye

  33. Bored says:

    Whats the best game to get gems?

  34. Starz says:

    What game is the fastest way to earn stars? ^_^

  35. 123abc says:

    I wanted to know what is the best game to get stars and gems from? Please reply!

  36. keke says:

    how do you get ecoins by wawa games i tryed but it doesnt work and some surveys i dont feel comfortable doing it anyone help me?

  37. aj says:

    Hey friend me im on fantage from 1:00 to 2:00 at blue tiger amber antalope blueberry bobcat coco carabou and white seal im alex 3011

  38. aj says:

    Hey it aj agian can u get me a premium membership for free plz

  39. GREAT REVIEW! I totally agree with all your thoughts you said in your article, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, your post is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your blog:) Isabella S.

  40. Shania says:


  41. aj says:

    Hey christina if u make a new movie or looking for a new cast member tell me when it starts ill be on my new fantage acc alexander_2011 i really want to be on a youtube fantage video because i love ur vids and i want to be in one 🙂

  42. keke says:

    hey so can anyone do my wawagames survey thing for me if u can email me on and do not change the password

  43. leslie says:

    Youtube dosen’t work on my computer

  44. cookie6253 says:

    hi cool tips i like them alot and i will try some of them : )

  45. Pat Miessner says:

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  48. Jess says:

    You have insanly bad spelling and grammer … are yu like 2 ?? =P

  49. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  50. keke says:

    is there a way to get free ecoins?

  51. Great review! You actually covered some interesting news here. I came across it by using Yahoo and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS, it’s very great 🙂

  52. aj says:

    Hey guys it aj it been so long jk its been almost a week or somthing anyways alright my school day started in thursday in ga so i wont be on fantage a lot maybe 1 a month until holidays so watch out closly for my fantage person alexander2011 on alleykat120 see u guys for now p.s im in middle school now ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😦

  53. cheesepuff85 says:

    hey somthin thats just a little fun go to top models click on the computer switch really fast until the computer screen turns blue then zoom its a secret message no joke

  54. cheesepuff85 says:

    o ya keep clickin the switch too other wise it wont turn blue

  55. aj says:

    Hey guys so i just figered out that im not in middle school im in sixth grade so im allmost in middle school sorry for the mix up anyways i was on fantage today and saw my cousin her name is holly20016 so if u see her on fantage be her friend plz and tell her her cousin aj sent u

  56. Great review! This is truly the type of article that should be shared around the internet. Sad on the Google for not positioning this post higher!

  57. Great review! This is exactly the type of information that needs to be shared around the web. Sad on the Bing for not ranking this post higher!

  58. Casey Anthony - GUILTY - says:

    What game is the best way for you to earn gems?
    What game helps you get stars the fastest?

    Thanks! Love the tips!!

  59. bell says:

    awesome blog… 😀

  60. hey christina im really sad cause im not a mem do u have anyway i can get a membership?????:(

  61. Ione Remfert says:

    I really wished to write down anything so that you can appreciate a lot of the outstanding info you are writing at this website. My own continuous web research provides at the end of the day been recently recognized along with fantastic information and strategies to restore together with my website visitors. I’d let you know that most of us website visitors are really really lucky to stay in a useful website with a lot of particular people that have beneficial principles. I’m considerably fortunate enough to have find all pages and posts and search forward to definitely much more outstanding units studying listed here. Thanks a lot yet again for the particulars.

  62. Oma Pippitt says:

    I appreciate your wordpress design, where would you obtain it through?

  63. adrianna says:

    how do u get free ecions if ur not a member and i would like one that is real and acutlly works please please please i am 10132anna look for on fantage thx

    • Paige says:

      Want to know how to get free ecoins?
      Login/ Sign Up. Click ” GET YOUR FREE ECOINS TODAY ” To the tasks, and in the time limit, the eCoins will come. Click ” My Ecoins ” Type your username.
      And finally, click TRANSFER. It works D: Sometimes you need to pay download, or install, mostly surveys though.

  64. minkiii says:

    Hey guys do you think u can visit my website? the web is thnx!

  65. Dani518 says:

    can u tell me how to get free ecoins imma mem thnx

  66. aj says:

    Hey guys this saturday and sunday im gonna be on fantage with my fantage account alexander_2011 the time will be 2:00 to 4:00 and 6:00 to 8:00 at diamond dove or blue tiger or amber antilope or burgandy bullfrog


  68. leilanie says:

    shoes high heels:bright red

  69. Dani518 says:

    lol thts tru …… this blog is the best ever

    ps I LIKE PIE!!!!!! lol

  70. Bailey says:

    Can i plz be in your movie! Its sooo awesome i love it!

  71. aj says:

    Hey christian can i be in one of ur movies plz ps. ur movies r cool the seires of stuff u make is like heatbreaking action and like real tv shows u really have a creative mind by the way i think i made it on youtube my old chareter kewl_dude411 i think hes on there

  72. Jasien says:

    Oh my goodness! I luv your acc. updates idk why lol

  73. fantagerocksXD says:

    i want to have free ecoins with out doing stuff like give a cell nuber gould you help me

  74. aj 1 says:

    hey guys had to change maii name anyways im at the boiling point on fantage this jerk face was getting on my nerves and he siad a curse word and now hes band

  75. o.oi ;) says:

    Wow Civic leveled up 40 times in ONE day! And an_molly got bumped up!! Lol sorry i kept track 😛

  76. coolcatz545 says:

    Hi! I remember that there were (two) url links for Fantage that gave you 10,000 stars but you can only use it for your account once. I was wondering if you knew what that was? I think one of them was something like or something like that.

  77. victoria says:

    Do like any of you know how to do like big bubbles in Fantage when you type? If you do,please reply.

  78. chanel2205 says:

    hi guys can i have someones membership account ill trade u cuz i have a membership i just want anothor one

  79. allyson says:

    hey if u see alpintar add me thats me i go on fantage a lot mostly full servers bai

  80. MAY says:


  81. becin says:

    i know how to fly the proper way just email me at

  82. Cindy says:

    go to my blog when you sign up if you want you can summit on my contest just go to

  83. Olivia says:

    hi please visit the link above!!!!!!!!!!11

  84. becin says:

    hi back again
    Thx for replying how do you post recolours becuase i have a bunch

  85. skiris17 (fantage username) says:

    uh….. do u av like a glitch on how 2 make bigger speech bubles????????????????????
    tht wud help
    A LOT

  86. Solo says:

    Umm… I know this is a stupid question but do they still have the rare flower sandals?

  87. Coltte says:

    Hello, I have noticed you use hypercam in you videos ! Can you tell me how to upload what you record in hypercam to YOUTUBE? I really need this! Thanx! 🙂

  88. Solo says:

    Civic is in first again… And an_molly lvl down alot…

  89. aj 1 says:

    Hey guys i have this awesome glitch but the only way to figure this out is to listen i will give the glitch Away to everyone on monday it an invisible cheat so stay tuned

  90. Cindy says:

    I changed blog locations. by the way iknow how to be invisible so no thx

  91. Cindy says:

    lol i know all the dumb cheats you post on this site1

  92. aj 1 says:

    Anyways for other people who dont know how to turn invisible go tour inventory click tab then press enter then exit out. WARNING!!! you have to have people near you when doing so u have to see someones id phone to know ur in visible WARNING 2 !!!!!! u cant see ur avatar but other people can so dont go around saying ur invisible people will think ur crazy so PLAY ON FANTIGANS!!!!!!

  93. Solo says:

    Why when i play bubble bug i always get a saphire but i got a high score? I miss the old fantage :-/

  94. Anna Tran says:

    i got 4,500 ecoins on wawagames its soo easy i got all on the free stuff its super cool i bout a new house! 😀 im sooooo happy!

    • An says:

      You are sooo lucky Anna Tran cos I try it all the time and I just can’t past the survey!
      Can you please…please..please..please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I beg u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      PS: Where do you come from? Do you come from Vietnam?

  95. Anna Tran says:

    its super awesome! 🙂 😥 go happy im crying!.

  96. Dreamin.Out.Loud says:

    Can yhu plz tell me if hypercam 2 is worth the download… like is it easy to use and stuff… Plz message bak i want to download it xD

  97. Dreamin.Out.Loud says:

    Can yhu plz tell me if hypercam 2 is worth the download… like is it easy to use and stuff… Plz message bak i want to download it xD

  98. Dreamin.Out.Loud says:


  99. Lilian119 says:

    Hey Christina I really wanna add me I’m usally on at 7:00 in Crystal Phoenix and hangs out at the beach so try to add me my name is Lilian119

  100. Alpintar says:

    Hey ppl well if anyone still coments on here I think this website is awesome today i am going trick or treating with my family and friends yay oh my fantage account is either alpintar or my sis srpintar bye!!

  101. Kailey says:

    ok here is my User Im giving it away
    pass: sparten4life
    Anyone can play it
    you dont know my email I used for it so u Cant change the password

  102. nidi99 says:

    that was no help at all

  103. Civic_Princess says:

    Hey can u plez tell me how to get free membership without downloading and surveys?? My membership is almost expired and im tired of paying.
    And a shout out to all my fans! I love u guys! ❤ 😀

  104. ?????????? says:

    i hav a quetion if you have a high lvl on fantage like 82 and you become a member will you get a high lvl when your a mem?

  105. Hey Fantage Christina I know how to get Free membership without any paying and without any redeeming!!I know also how to get Free ecoins in fantage!!so If you want to tell,just make this a member!!!
    its new account but if you make her a mem ill say to you how to get free membership and free ecoins on fantage thnxx!

  106. angle says:

    hi u r fuckin wrong bitch

  107. anita says:

    hi it wroks thxs for your help

  108. Dreamin.Out.Loud says:

    Why is no one commenting?? I love this website xD and i love your vids!

  109. angle says:


  110. tota says:

    how do we get free member pet without being member

  111. bethany says:

    i tried da wawagames thingy and it wnt work

  112. pinky9502 says:

    umm i hav a question about the new years party is there any other way to get those items for free???????????????????

  113. great says:

    hi there you seem very nice

  114. JustinBieberLOVER says:

    i dont get this 😦 someone help?

  115. kuniedaAoi says:

    do these work?

  116. meep says:

    Please don’t delete this site since your quitting 😦

  117. Alexandra says:

    how can i get free ecoins on fantage? please help! im a non member, i used to be a member but i REALLY want to be a member again and my parents dont want to pay for it. HELP!

  118. how do u cuzz on fantage??

  119. chelsea says:

    Omg it looki can give it a ood try

  120. pinky56700 says:

    wow what a cool blog
    im new from fantage pinky56700!


  121. pinky56700 says:

    try to figure the password!
    If youknow it, don’t tell anyone please or put in youtube please
    BEGGING you!

  122. lilly5672 says:

    Plzzz if you can make
    a mem and I will teach you all the cheats, glitchs and tricks I know

  123. sokoolangel51 says:

    how to you do the 3000 ecoin cheat?!?!!?!? plz tell me!!!

  124. crystallol9 says:


  125. gia says:

    how do u get free gems i luv to win fashion shows so how do u get them by doing nothing?

  126. amiee says:

    can someone plz plz plzz make me a European account and then send me the user and password? 🙂 if u want i could make u non European one in return! x

  127. amiee says:

    p.s. my email is^^ thanx:)

  128. amiee says:

    oh yea u don’t hav 2 but maybe can u get it some ecoins? BUT u don’t hav to thax :)^^

  129. fantigan says:

    ur site rocks my socks off!!! but i used 2 b a mem and i want 2 wear my mem shoes hair and stuff but i cant H-E-L-P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. meep says:

    This blog really needs more comments. I love it. LOL. But fantage changed so there isn’t alot of cheats anymore. :’/

  131. Asra says:

    Hey can u plz tell me any mem acc????¿?¿¿?

  132. belinda says:

    flying is easy i know how to

  133. manuel says:

    how do you donloaud fantage bete hack

  134. karina@@@luvs u says:


  135. Shae-pae says:

    ello im here to say that wat you have wrote is really kewl and byeee

  136. Kerry1938 says:

    please add me im kerry1938 i mostly come on Yellow Yeti and im downtown

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